What is a sheet mask and why are they so good for us?

Sheet masks, a skincare staple in Korean beauty regimes, hit our shores only a few years ago. They’ve been growing in popularity everyday, with celeb sheet mask selfies only serving to fuel the trend. 

What exactly is a sheet mask and why are they so popular? 

For those who are wondering what this strange-sounding beauty product is, then look no further. A sheet mask is a face-shaped fabric, soaked with skin-loving ingredients that you place over your face. Then all you need to do is sit back and relax, while your skin absorbs all of its nutrition-packed loveliness. 

Sheet masks can be made from various different materials including paper and cloth. 

Despite their name, they are actually very different to the face masks that we are used to. In fact, the ‘mask’ in the name, is more to do with the fact that they cover your face, rather than them bearing any relation to the clay-based masks we slather on while we soak in the bath. 

How does a sheet mask work? 

Sheet masks work by physically sealing in the active serums, which contain a wide range of beneficial ingredients, such as vitamins and hyaluronic acid, next to your skin. This means that the serums shouldn’t evaporate before your skin has had a chance to benefit. 

Unlike the traditional face mask, you won’t need to wash off any excess serum on your skin after you’ve removed the mask. This can simply be rubbed gently into your face.

Generally for one time use only, sheet masks are individual packaged, making them easy and convenient to apply. 

How do I use a sheet mask? 

Sheet masks are simple to use. Just open up the packet and lay the mask over your clean face. Relax for 15-30 minutes (as per the packaging instructions) and then take it off and voila - you’re done! 

Sheet masks are also great for anyone who has a busy schedule, as you can even use them while you’re doing the ironing or getting ready to go out. And because you don’t have to worry about washing off the excess serum, there’s no need to be near running water.

Many people recommend that sheet masks be used three times per week but if your skin needs extra care, you could choose to use them once a day.


Girl touching her face

What are the main benefits of sheet masks? 

More traditional, clay-based face masks can actually leave the skin feeling dry and tight. Because sheet masks are packed with nutrition-filled serum, they are meant to leave your skin feeling full of moisture. 

Sheet masks can be much more convenient and less expensive than going for a facial at a spa but can leave your skin feeling and looking just as good. 

They are also easy to apply and their use can result in giving your skin a natural glow.

Everyone can benefit from using a sheet mask on their skin. 

And just in case anyone was worrying, there are holes for your eyes and nose, so you don’t need to worry about suffocating! 

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