The Natural Goodness of Mulberries

Known throughout Asia for its wide range of health benefits, the white mulberry tree (Morus Alba) is traditionally grown to feed silkworms. The health benefits of the mulberry tree have been documented over thousands of years but the impressive list of benefits of these antioxidant-packed trees, is only just beginning to hit the western world.

Now growing in popularity across the globe, the natural goodness of mulberries doesn’t just stop with eating them. More and more, people are beginning to see the benefits mulberries may bring by applying them to their hair and skin.

Perhaps confusingly, white mulberries can be white, red or black, as the colour refers to its white buds, rather than the fruit. With every part of the tree being used, including the bark, leaves and fruit, no part goes to waste, which we think makes this tree pretty amazing.


Helping to treat diseases

White mulberry trees have been an important part of Chinese medicine for many years and are used to treat things like arthritis, diabetes and even heart disease.

In Chinese medicine, mulberries are even considered as something that can cleanse the blood, resulting in improved circulation and the strengthening of the entire system.

Impressive nutritional benefits

Mulberries are packed with polyphenols, known for their antioxidant properties.

They are not only a great source of a wide range of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C and iron, but many studies have even suggested that one of the antioxidants that mulberries contain could even have positive effects on age and longevity and may even protect against certain cancers.

As if that wasn’t enough, they are lower in sugar than other berries and are a great source of fibre and protein (especially good for any vegetarians out there).

These are just some of the health benefits mulberries could offer us if we consumed them.

What are the skincare benefits of mulberries?

mulberry tree

Mulberries for ageing skin

Antioxidants, found in mulberries, can help to treat blotchy, dry and ageing skin. Mulberries could even help to unclog clogged-up pores and even your skin tone.

Clearing skin

Mulberries have properties that can be used to help clear any blemishes you have on your face.


Mulberry extract is often used to moisturise very dry skin.

Great for sensitive skin

The gentle, skin-healing properties of mulberries, means that they can be used on those with even the most sensitive of skin.

Reduce redness and swelling

In Chinese medicine, mulberries have been used as a remedy for swelling and redness on the skin.

Mulberries contain numerous health benefits, whether they are eaten or applied to the skin or hair. New studies that investigate the mulberry tree’s impressive health claims, old and new, are now taking place all over the world.

Want to try out the benefits of the white mulberry tree on your skin? Our sheet masks contain this nutrient-rich extract. We’d love to hear what you think.