The best times to use a sheet mask

Popular in Korea for over a decade, sheet masks are a relatively new addition to our beauty regimes here in the UK.

Sheet masks work by locking their nutrient-rich serum on to our skin, preventing evaporation and resulting in our skin feeling moisturised and looking revitalised.

But what are the best times to use a sheet mask?

Evenings before bed

Evenings are a great time to use sheet masks, as to get the full benefits from a sheet mask, you’ll need to cleanse your skin beforehand.

This makes those minutes when your make-up has been removed and you’re just about to go to bed, the perfect time to use a sheet mask.

Just place the sheet mask over your clean face, lie back and relax for 15-30 minutes (make sure you follow the instructions on the packaging).

It’s a great excuse to lay back, relax and wind down before you head to bed. And as sheet masks

don’t usually need to be washed off, you can just remove it when you’re done and gently smooth any excess serum into your skin. No need to get up and go to the bathroom!

Before social events

When we’re going out, we like to look our best.

Many people apply traditional clay masks before a long soak in the bath as part of their beauty regime before a night out but these types of masks can leave our skin feeling dry and tight.

Sheet masks are a great way to get that radiant and glowing skin that your friends and family will envy.

And because you don’t need to wash them off, you don’t need to worry about accidentally wetting your blow dry or smudging your mascara.

On a flight

We all know how dry and tired our skin can feel after a flight.

Using a sheet mask while you’re in the air is not only a great way to relax but can also help to leave your skin looking bright and rejuvenated when you step off the plane.

As each sheet mask comes in its own individual packaging, they’re easy and convenient to use in an aeroplane.

Anytime when you have a spare few minutes

As sheet masks are quick to use, disposable and don’t require for you to be near the bathroom, you can use them whenever and wherever you want.

Plus, because the effects are immediately visible after removing your sheet mask, you shouldn’t need to waste time applying thick layers of make-up to try and achieve that glowing skin that we’re all after.

Want to know more about sheet masks? Here at KEEOME, we’ve been researching and developing our sheet masks for over a decade. Our hydration sheet mask is full of white mulberry tree extract, renowned throughout Asia for its medicinal and healing properties. Why not get in touch today to find out more?