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The Natural Goodness of Mulberries

Known throughout Asia for its wide range of health benefits, the white mulberry tree (Morus Alba) is traditionally grown to feed silkworms. The health benefits of the mulberry tree have been documented over thousands of years but the impressive list of benefits of these antioxidant-packed trees, is only just beginning to hit the western world.Now growing in popularity across the globe, the natural goodness of mulberries doesn’t just stop with eating them. More and more, people are beginning to see the benefits mulberries may bring by applying them to their hair and skin.Perhaps confusingly, white mulberries can be white, red or black, as the colour refers to its white buds, rather than the fruit. With every part of the tree...

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What is a sheet mask and why are they so good for us?

Sheet masks, a skincare staple in Korean beauty regimes, hit our shores only a few years ago. They’ve been growing in popularity everyday, with celeb sheet mask selfies only serving to fuel the trend.  What exactly is a sheet mask and why are they so popular?  For those who are wondering what this strange-sounding beauty product is, then look no further. A sheet mask is a face-shaped fabric, soaked with skin-loving ingredients that you place over your face. Then all you need to do is sit back and relax, while your skin absorbs all of its nutrition-packed loveliness.  Sheet masks can be made from various different materials including paper and cloth.  Despite their name, they are actually very different to...

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