Sheet masks vs traditional wash off masks

Sheet masks, once one of Korea’s best kept beauty secrets, are now widely available right across the globe.

These pieces of face-shaped fabric, soaked with nutrient-dense serums, are very different to the face masks that have plagued our shops in the UK for the last few decades.

Sheet masks lock the moisture in - traditional masks can suck moisture out

When you use a sheet mask, you’re essentially placing a barrier over your face to lock the beneficial serums into your skin, so that they don’t just evaporate away before your skin has a chance to absorb the goodness.

Traditional masks, especially clay-based masks, can actually draw oil and moisture away from your skin, resulting in that dry, tight feeling after use, that many of us have experienced.

Much of the moisturiser we use on a daily basis, could actually evaporate before our skin has a chance to absorb it. By using a sheet mask, you’re essentially ‘pushing’ the ingredients into your skin, with much less evaporation taking place because of the protective barrier of the fabric.

Hydration vs cleansing

Usually, a sheet mask is not meant to ‘deep clean’ or exfoliate your skin in the way that a clay mask does and is more focused towards hydration.

We’re told not to use a traditional face mask before a big social occasion or our skin could suffer a breakout of spots.

No such worries with sheet masks. The visible glow on your skin is immediately apparent after use, making them great to use before a big event.

Sheet masks usually don’t require running water

One of the big differences between traditional face masks and sheet masks, is that sheet masks don’t usually require washing off after use.

After you’ve used a sheet mask, any excess serum can simply be smoothed into your skin. No need to run to the bathroom and no clay-stains on your just-washed towels.

Traditional wash off masks can be wasteful

For many of us, finding the time to tackle our skin can be pushed low down the priority list.

While traditional masks often come in tubes or tubs that, once opened, can go off fairly quickly, sheet masks come in individual packets and are one-use only.

This means that if we fall behind on our beauty regime after a hectic few weeks at work, we don’t need to worry that our expensive natural-clay mask is starting to smell a bit like the soil that the dog traipses through the house after a particularly muddy walk.

Sheet masks and more traditional face masks serve very different purposes. While sheet masks are meant to ‘supercharge’ your skin with something you’re missing, traditional masks (especially those which are clay-based) are more focused towards cleansing and exfoliation.

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