How Korea is Leading Innovation in Skincare

Korean beauty, also known as K-beauty, has exploded in popularity over the last few years.

The fact that k-beauty is now a well-known name both inside and outside the beauty world, shows just how much influence Korea has had in the worldwide skincare market in recent times. 

Why has Korean beauty become so popular? 

To say it is popular would be a bit of an understatement. K-beauty is deservedly described by many as a ‘skincare phenomenon’ and Korea itself as a ‘hub of skincare innovation’. 

Korean skincare has always focused on looking after skin through hydration and health. In Asia, beauty is measured by beautifully clear and pale skin, as opposed to our Western lust for the sun’s rays and thick layers of makeup.  

According to some figures, South Korean women spend twice as much of their earnings on beauty products than American women and South Korean men are the biggest male spenders on skincare in the world.

K-beauty is about providing your skin with all the natural goodness it needs to look great, as well as caring for and protecting your skin. 

While Korean women have always been renowned for their knowledge on all things skincare and most have a daily skincare routine involving at least 10 steps, Korea has now become the go-to destination for scientifically advanced skincare products.

Korean model

What kind of skincare products have come from Korea? 

BB creams, used to cover blemishes and even skin tone, while protecting the skin from damage from the sun, were the first Korean beauty products to reach the UK and America in large numbers. Then came CC creams, used to diminish the appearance of redness and colour-correct the skin tone. 

Sheet masks were the next Korean beauty secret to hit our shores and we simply can’t get enough of their nutrient-rich serums, that can make our skin more radiant and glowing than we ever thought possible.

Korean skincare is innovative and affordable 

K-beauty is all about innovative science mixed with ancient traditions. Their dedication to caring for their skin has put South Korea at the cutting edge of research into new skincare products. 

One of the reasons Korean skincare products have become such a hit, is because they are affordable and the results can be instantaneous. As soon as you remove your sheet mask, your skin feels so much more hydrated, straight away. 

The fundamental difference with Korean skincare is the fact that the focus is on hydration, protection and fixing, rather than a focus on covering and hiding, that we’re used to in a western-based skincare regime. 

The main aim of Korean skincare products is to provide the user with a flawless complexion. 

Want to supercharge your beauty regime? Our hydration sheet mask pack, made in Korea, is filled with a high-nutrient serum, that is rich in white mulberry tree extract, valued in Asia for thousands of years for its medicinal and healing properties.